Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

FREE ENTERPRISE is a comical movie about what happens when two sexually active movie and science fiction fans meet their idol, William Shatner, who played their role model, Captain Kirk on STAR TREK. FREE ENTERPRISE contains many innocuous, funny jokes about male movie fans and science fiction buffs, but it also contains a lot of foul language, many sexual situations, and a message that boozing, womanizing, crude jokes, and foul language are legitimate activities.


Strong pagan worldview of personal & sexual gratification with mild moral elements about responsibility & learning to act your age; 54 obscenities & 18 profanities plus some sexual humor; mild violence such as children fight in school yard & brief images of violence in movies shown; several scenes of implied fornication, implied & depicted oral sex & other sexual references; upper & rear male & female nudity & women in nightgown & underwear; alcohol use & drunkenness; smoking; and, irresponsibility, laziness & hedonism.

More Detail:

Fame is fleeting, but juvenile behavior seems to endure forever. That’s one of the messages of the new movie FREE ENTERPRISE.

Mark and Robert are best friends nearing 30 in Hollywood. They are trying to make it in the movie business, but Robert wastes all of his money, and some of Mark’s, on movie and comic book collectibles and his current girlfriend, who invariably dumps him because of his lazy lifestyle. Mark, meanwhile, is afraid of turning 30 and becoming committed to one woman. When they meet their idol, William Shatner of Captain Kirk and STAR TREK fame, and Robert romances the love of his life, Claire, the two men begin a slow, comical journey toward maturity.

FREE ENTERPRISE contains many innocuous, funny jokes about male movie fans in general and science fiction buffs in particular. William Shatner is very funny as he gently mocks the crazy fame he has earned as one of this century’s most heroic fictional characters. At the end of the movie, he performs a hilarious rap song with lyrics from the Marc Antony speech in JULIUS CAESAR by William Shakespeare. Eric McCormack (of the TV sitcom WILL & GRACE) as Mark and Rafer Weigel as Robert also do well in delivering the clever but wordy dialogue, as does Audie England as Claire and the rest of the cast. The end credits are extremely funny, by the way.

FREE ENTERPRISE also contains, however, a lot of foul and vulgar language and many sexual situations intended for humorous effect. Robert turns to sex when his girlfriends dump him, and Mark flits from sexual conquest to sexual conquest because he can’t make a commitment. Thus, although the movie sees settling down with one person as a worthy goal, it views boozing, womanizing, crude jokes, and foul language as legitimate activities.

Furthermore, even though Shatner admonishes Mark and Robert to mix a little reality with their furtive juvenile imaginations and even though they find a higher level of maturity, the movie still ends on a hedonistic note at Mark’s 30th birthday celebration. Thus, FREE ENTERPRISE ultimately adopts a strong pagan worldview of personal and sexual gratification. At least Mark and Robert’s fictional hero, Captain Kirk, had higher moral purposes in life and was often willing to sacrifice his own life for the life of others. That’s a far better message than what this comical, but overlong, homage to the famous hero delivers.