Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:


(Pa, NA, HO,LLL, SS, NN D, M) Pagan worldview pursuing the fulfillment of self through one's artistic talents & mild New Age elements preaching self-peace through meditation and turning back to nature; implied lesbianism; strong language with 24 obscenities, 9 vulgarities & 22 profanities; 6 sexual situations involving adulterous affairs & pre-marital sex; partial nudity; some social drinking; some drug abuse mentioning smoking grass, mushrooms & psychedelics & cigarette-smoking; miscellaneous immorality including unwed pregnancy by a minor, divorce, & suicide

More Detail:

The film GRACE OF MY HEART is a loosely-based biography of Carole King, who sang confessional and self-stylized songs in the 60s. Illeana Douglas plays Edna Buxton who goes to New York after winning a singing contest. She does not find the recording contract promised her, but writes songs for groups managed by Joel Milner. She finds fame under her new name of Denise Waverly and marries songwriter Howard Caszatt. When that marriage breaks up, she has another doomed affair with a married radio DJ. She finally marries the disturbed Jay Phillips, but Edna finds her true inspiration as she goes on to make her successful platinum album: Grace of My Heart.

The film is engaging in its portrayal of the many faces of the music industry in the 60s. Music becomes the backdrop to more melodramatic moments of the story. The performance of Edna is one-dimensional and insipid. John Turturro as Joel Milner, gives his character shine and wit. Other than this, the film is laden with profanities, unnecessary obscenities and rampant immortality such as unwed pregnancies, adultery, divorce, abortion, suicide, and drug smoking. Creative freedom seems to be parallel with moral freedom, and top these with a weak storyline, GRACE OF MY HEART has very few saving graces to it.

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