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What You Need To Know:

Spanish director Pedro Almodovar's HIGH HEELS turns out to be more than just a mother-daughter conflict with good characterizations and fascinating photography. In fact, what goes under the guise of art (as is so often the case) is nothing more than a camp treatment of fornication, lies, murder, transvestites, stardom, and a hint of incest.


(L, SSS, NN) 3 profanities & 3 obscenities; adultery & sexual immorality, including one graphic sex scene & transvestism; and, partial nudity.

More Detail:

Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s HIGH HEELS is a camp treatment of sex, lies, murder, transvestism, and stardom. Since Almodovar’s women are often thinly veiled disguises for his misogyny, in HIGH HEELS, he mixes parody, satire, farce, and a sentimentality to achieve this goal. Thus, in HIGH HEELS, Marisa is obsessed with stardom, while daughter Rebecca, after years of rejection, remains devoted to her mother. Rebecca welcomes her mother to Madrid after Marisa’s successful career in Mexico. Marisa discovers her daughter has married a former lover, Manuel. On her first night back, the three visit a bistro where a transvestite, Femme Lethal, impersonates Marisa. After the show, Rebecca visits him in his dressing room where he seduces her. Meanwhile, Manuel seduces Marisa. To retaliate, Rebecca kills Manuel. On her death bed, Marisa takes the blame. The Judge turns out to be Femme Lethal who falls in love with Rebecca, pregnant by him from the night at the bistro.

Despite the quite good acting and the fascinating cinematography, the movie is totally revolting with its portrayal of fornication, adultery, transvestism, and a hint of incest.

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