Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS director Denys Arcand creates a world of broken romances and jealousy among a homosexual and straight group of twenty-something Generation X'ers. Filled with graphic sex, violence and homosexuality, it tells a grim tale of modern love within a hedonistic context.


(Ho, L, VV, SSS, NN, M) Homosexual worldview; 6 profanities and 1 obscenity; rape scene with visual violence, cut-off ear with blood, 2 bloody bodies, & man kills himself by jumping off building; 3 homosexual acts, homosexual & lesbian French kissing & sadomasochistic acts; and, brief female nudity, strip tease act & brief male nudity

More Detail:

LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS is a black comedy which exams the Generation X, twenty-somethings, it tells of homosexual David and his roommate Candy, a straight woman, secretly in love with him but too nervous to tell him. Rounding out the cast is a lesbian, Jerri, a bartender, a straight man, and a homosexual man. When David returns to the city after the half-year break, he finds a job at a restaurant instead of going back to acting. His friend, Bernie, is a typical white collar worker in the town, but is frustrated about his work load and lifestyle. David persuades Bernie to quit the job and adopt a new life style like his as a hippie. In David’s new life, he is adored by a busboy, Kane, a seventeen-year-old kid with a wealthy but broken family background. The relationship between David and Kane is impossible. Yet, Kane shows confidence in the relationship and moves David with true love. David is helped by Brenda, a psychic dominatrix who helps David read Kane’s mind. She tells David about some dangerous things that will happen to him involving a serial killer. When Bernie becomes insanely jealous of David’s new affairs, he becomes extremely suspect of being the killer.

This picture displays rampant aberrant sexual practices and homosexuality. Combined with wicked violence, this black comedy merely creates black attitudes and should be avoided.

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