Content: +2 Moderately questionable elements.

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What You Need To Know:

In D2 THE MIGHTY DUCKS, Gordon Bombay, a hockey player whose career is stalled by an injury, becomes head coach for Team USA Hockey. Through his coaching prowess, he quickly spurs the team on to the championship. The film illustrates team work and, lacking any foul language, should be good entertainment for children and their parents.


(B, L, V, M) Positive, wholesome worldview; 2 obscenities; typical violence associated with game of hockey--in one instance, the opposing coach hits Duck coach Bombay with a hockey stick; also, material things such as houses and money given to Bombay cause him temporarily to forget his priorities.

More Detail:

In D2 THE MIGHTY DUCKS, Emilio Estevez plays Gordon Bombay, a prominent hockey player whose career is stalled by an unfortunate injury. However, a hockey equipment manufacturer offers him a job as head coach for Team USA Hockey. Many of Team USA’s players were on the Mighty Ducks pee wee team which he had previously coached. When extra players are added to the team resulting in tension, Bombay ties the team together and does not allow them to separate until they can work together and move as a unit without falling. Another problem arises when he is tempted by the material rewards of a house in Malibu, fine clothes and other possessions which almost cause him to lose his purpose with the team. When the team loses to the Iceland team 12-1, he begins to wake up. An old friend reminds him of his convictions and urges him to follow them. When the team changes from their Team USA uniforms to their Duck uniforms, the crowd goes wild, and he coaches the team to new heights.

The movie is a great representation of how much can be accomplished through working together as a team. Because it lacks foul language and other objectionable elements, D2 THE MIGHTY DUCKS is a commendable movie. Hearing the audience clap at winning scores throughout the film, it is apparent it will be a hit with young people and will entertain adults as well.