What You Need To Know:

Twin brothers Chad and Ale take on the Chinese mafia to avenge the murder of their parents and reclaim their stolen inheritance in this excruciatingly violent karate movie. The language is rough, the violence even rougher and the believability nil as DOUBLE IMPACT encourages men to use karate to take justice into their own hands. In contrast, Deuteronomy 32:35 says "'Vengeance is mine,' saith the Lord.

More Detail:

Twin karate fighting brothers, Chad and Ale, avenge the murder of their parents and reclaim their stolen inheritance in DOUBLE IMPACT, an excruciatingly violent action adventure yarn that visually smacks the face of every moviegoer paying to see this film.

The story begins in 1966, as the tunnel between Hong Kong island and the mainland is about to open. Two business partners, building a fortune through various construction interests, share the podium as the tunnel is inaugurated.

When the ceremony ends, one of the partners goes home for the night with his family. Driving into a premeditated setup, he and his wife are murdered, but his two infant twins are saved as a man named Frank pulls them out of the car.

Somehow, the identical twin brothers, Chad and Ale, are separated. Frank raises Chad as if he were his son. Chad’s rough hewn brother, Ale, grows up in the streets of Hong Kong. Both are fighters.

Twenty-five years later, the men are reunited. Ale makes his living as a small-time hoodlum, selling hot cars to the Chinese. Poaching yields big bucks, but when Chad and Frank show up for a free ride, things go awry.

Cars are dumped in the bay as the Hong Kong police chase them in their patrol boats. Somehow, Ale outruns the state-of-the-art police craft. The police have radios and helicopters, but Ale is too fast for them! From this point, the remainder of the film goes downhill.

The twin fighters learn that their father’s partner was involved with Mr. Zang, a notoriously wretched criminal. In fact, Zang’s gang premeditated their parents’ death. Now Chad and Ale will avenge their death, reclaiming their stolen inheritance.

Brimming with vengeance, the twins crash Zang’s illegal drug manufacturing warehouse. When Alex’s girlfriend spills the location of their hideout, hundreds of Zang’s men assault an abandoned seafront hotel. Fearlessly, Ale and Chad take them on. Frank is captured, along with Alex’s girlfriend, and they are taken to Zang’s freighter, which is loaded with cocaine.

Attacking the ship, Chad and Ale kill almost 100 men of Zang’s gang. Frank and Alex’s girlfriend are set free as the twins go after Zang and his partner. Mercilessly, Zang’s arm is placed between two huge metal cog wheels and crushed. Zang then falls several hundred feet into boxes of cocaine. His partner is also dealt a crushing blow as Chad drops a fully loaded shipping trailer on top of him.

Overall, the language is rough, the violence even rougher, and the believability nil as the brothers dodge thousands of bullets fired at them. DOUBLE IMPACT seems to encourage men to use karate to take justice into their own hands. In contrast to this premise, Deuteronomy 32:35 says “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.”