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What You Need To Know:

In the World Wide Pictures video release, POWER PLAY, we discover the underhanded tactics that raise the stakes of a hockey franchise sale. We also see the presence of righteousness personified in a Christian hockey player. Though containing some action violence, it gives a very clear witness to the Lordship and power of Jesus Christ.


(C, V, A, D, M) Christian worldview extoling truth over falsehood; mild violence including tripping, one punching & two hockey fights; alcohol use; smoking; and, extortion & bribery

More Detail:

In the World Wide Pictures release, POWER PLAY, we meet Robbie Steele, a hardball player at a law firm representing the Vancouver Blades hockey team. She is ruthless, cold and calculating. The team has seen a sharp drop in attendance, and the owner wants to sell. The star player, Cody Harris, has quit, become a Christian and moved to a remote mountain. Robbie decides that she can increase the selling price of the Blades if she can woo Cody back to the team. She visits Cody, and he tells her he will think it over after he speaks at a Billy Graham Crusade. Robbie comes to the Crusade and is forced to consider the claims of Christ. Cody signs on with the team again, and attendance goes up. The Blades suddenly become much more lucrative. Soon, her boss tells her that the team has been sold to Minnesota. She is furious, and Cody feels very betrayed. In a moment of crisis, Robbie reaches out to the Lord for salvation and wisdom, and through quick maneuvering, she comes up with a plan to save the team, even at great expense.

POWER PLAY is a well-produced movie with a lot of heart. This movie is a great tool for evangelism, especially if you have a lawyer or a hockey-fan friend. Evangelistic pictures can be easy way to tell others about the Lord. They never loose their witness, and they can be seen again and again.