"Signs of Moral Decay"

Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST, a lovelorn teenager in New York City named Nick finds a budding romance with a girl, Norah, who shares his musical taste. Nick’s ex-girlfriend, who dumped him, sees Nick with Norah while they and their other friends enjoy a night on the town. She tries to derail the new romance. Meanwhile, Nick and his two homosexual friends try to help Norah find her missing drunken friend, Caroline. While they hunt for Caroline, they go on an all-night quest to find the secret show of a popular alternative band called Fluffy.

This movie might have made an enjoyable comedy were it not for its insipid promotion of underage teenager sexuality, including homosexuality. Also, none of these teenagers have any proper adult supervision, yet they spend all night in downtown Manhattan. Finally, the filmmakers seem to have a politically correct agenda favoring the acceptance of homosexuality. Worse, during the night, the characters run across a lewd, avant-garde homosexual production mocking Christmas. This, coupled with the promotion of teen sex, indicates the movie’s agenda is not entertainment, but to destroy Christianity and subvert society’s moral, biblical foundations.


(PaPa, PCPC, HoHo, AbAb, B, LLL, V, SS, N, AA, D, MM) Strong pagan worldview with strong politically correct content favoring teenage premarital sex, including homosexual behavior, plus overt (and, hence strong) anti-Christian content and blasphemy in one short sequence where lewd homosexuals stage a regular fly-by-night theatrical production mocking Christmas, including lewd lyrics to “The 12 Days of Christmas” are sung and drunken woman sees a man dressed as Jesus who is actually part of that lewd show but nothing more is seen of the costumed actor, and one undeveloped reference to a moral tenet of Judaism; at least 20 obscenities (including one “f” word), four strong profanities, 15 light profanities, other crude dialogue, and drunken teenage girl vomits in public toilet, pulls out dropped cell phone from vomit in toilet and sticks fallen gum from vomit in toilet back into her mouth with her friend unknowingly sticking the same piece of gum into her mouth later as well; light comical violence such as woman driving a stick shift Yugo runs into a fire hydrant, a headbutt, some pushing and shoving; strong sexual content includes sounds of teenage fornication in one scene, crude sexual comments, movie endorses teenagers having premarital sexual relations, protagonist has friends who are homosexual so movie takes a politically correct Marxist stance toward that wicked perversion; some female cleavage and brief upper male nudity; alcohol use and drunkenness; smoking; and, teenagers have no adult supervision or guidance, including no curfew.

More Detail:

NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST is a movie that makes a comedy out of underage teenagers roaming free on the streets in all hours of the night, engaging in club hopping and finding sexual gratification. Predictably, it also takes a politically correct immoral stance in favor of homosexual behavior. It is also telling that, in one short sequence, some fringe homosexual theatrical troupe is shown singing lewd lyrics to “The 12 Days of Christmas” in what seems to be a regular production that mocks Christmas. That’s the real goal of the so-called homosexual movement and many on the left side of the political spectrum – to destroy Christianity, including Jesus Christ, and the traditional biblical values on which they are founded.

But we digress.

The basic story of this movie centers on a high school senior in New Jersey named Nick, who pines for his former girlfriend, Tris, a teenage sexpot. Nick keeps sending Tris collections of his favorite songs on CDs to convince her somehow to get back with him. Tris tosses them away, but her fellow student at Catholic school, Norah, who used to hang around with Tris when they were younger, keeps them because she loves Nick’s musical taste. Norah has never met Nick, however.

One night in New York City, Norah and Tris show up separately where Nick and his two homosexual buddies are part of a rock band showcase. In trying to get away from another guy, Norah kisses Nick like he’s her boyfriend. She is surprised to find out that she actually kissed the Nick whom she admires so much.

Nick’s homosexual friends realize Norah is a good match for Nick. They try to keep them together while everyone searches for the place where a popular band called Fluffy will be making a surprise appearance.

Tris becomes jealous of Nick and Norah. She tries to sabotage their budding romance by seducing Nick. The question for Norah becomes, can Nick ever get over Tris, who really doesn’t care about him?

Despite a few clever moments, this movie would be better if it just stuck with the teenage romance angle and didn’t try to justify the rebellious behavior of these underage characters, which includes roaming the big city at late hours with no adult supervision, laughing at underage drinking, and teenage sex, including homosexuality. Nick and Norah eventually do get together and, in one scene, viewers can hear the sound of Nick deflowering Norah. So much for waiting until you’re married, or waiting until you’ve dated for a while, much less until you’re 18 or 21.

Of course, as MOVIEGUIDE® has often noted, the Bible (including Jesus in Mark 7:20-23), says that all sex outside of heterosexual marriage is evil, including homosexuality. Many opinion leaders in our modern society, however, including some who profess to be Christian and Jewish, don’t believe this any more. Many of them even believe that teenage sex is either okay or that society should just give up because teenagers “are going to do it anyway.” Also, some of these morally challenged “leaders” even mock Christianity and the Bible as part of this immoral agenda.

In that light, it is telling that, in one short sequence played for laughs, the characters stumble across what seems to be a regular homosexual production full of cross dressers that mocks Christmas. The sequence includes a drag queen singing lewd lyrics to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas.” There is also a scene where Norah’s drunken friend, Caroline, sees a man dressed up as Jesus outside the theater for the production. The man is having a smoke outside. Then, when he opens the side door to go back into the theater, Caroline sees a costumed figure who appears to be wearing no pants. Caroline, who has gotten separated from the others, drunkenly tells Norah what she saw over the cell phone. Intrigued, Caroline stumbles through the door and, shortly thereafter, her friends see her pop out of the Christmas tree on stage where the drag queen is singing. Nick’s two homosexual friends know all about the stage production, apparently, so they are able to steer Norah and Nick to the place where Caroline seems to be.

Though definitely not as bad as the recent release titled HAMLET 2, which directly mocks Jesus, this anti-Christian content in a movie targeted at teenagers is revealing. Like other such movies, it shows the true agenda of the so-called “Sexual Revolution,” including the radical homosexual movement that supports same-sex marriage and other nefarious schemes distorting our constitutional rights and responsibilities.

The true agenda of these liberal and leftist movements is not to defend the weak, the oppressed and the innocent. The true agenda of these movements is to destroy Christianity and the traditional biblical values on which western society is founded. Ultimately, it’s an attack on Jesus Christ. Not the namby-pamby “moral teacher” of heretics, liberals and the religious left, who demands little from us but leftist visions of “social justice,” i.e. Neo-Marxist socialism, but the real life, historical Messiah predicted by the Jewish prophets (including Moses) – the Jesus who died for our sins during the reign of Tiberius Caesar of the Roman Empire, rose from the dead, and ascended in power and glory to Heaven, eventually to sit in judgment on all people. These attacks on Jesus Christ and Christianity are destroying our society from within, especially since these attacks are obviously directed at corrupting society’s young people. As many wise people have noted, the hand that rocks the cradle will rule the world. That’s why MOVIEGUIDE®’s mission of making parents and children more media-wise plays an absolutely vital role in directing our future.

The movie’s endorsement of teenage sex and the homosexual agenda, and its anti-Christian detour, takes away from the story’s main plot, which is the budding romance between Nick and Norah. It injects a gratuitous political correctness that is meant to proselytize teenagers and young adults into a heinous form of paganism. Such paganism opposes the Jewish, Christian and biblical roots on which Western Civilization rests. This movie may not be as graphic as recent R-rated teen comedies, but it still offers nothing valuable to replace these God-given foundations. Ultimately, it is an empty, unsuccessful work with an offensive side agenda that shows the signs of our world’s moral decay. Eventually, NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST will be hurled into the trashcan of cinematic history.

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