"Drug-Fueled Bachelorette Party Comes Undone"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

The comedy ROUGH NIGHT is about four female friends from college, who get together for a wild bachelorette party in Miami Beach with their leader, a beautiful woman who’s running for state senator. They go to a bar, where the bride’s Australian friend meets them while towing her luggage. They drink too much and snort some cocaine. Back at the nice house the bride rented, they hire a stripper from Craig’s List. Things go from bad to worse when they accidentally kill the man, then try to get rid of his body.

ROUGH NIGHT has a skillful, funny finish that picks up the pace, but the movie is only fitfully funny and suspenseful. The plot structure and characters clearly need more work. ROUGH NIGHT is too raunchy and filled with way too much foul language. Even worse, it not only promotes “recreational” marijuana use but also cocaine use. Only a quirk of fate prevents the women from being arrested. Finally, there’s a politically correct subplot promoting homosexual relationships. All together, the immoral content in ROUGH NIGHT makes the movie ultimately abhorrent.


Worldview: Very strong, mixed pagan worldview with strong Romantic, politically correct, antinomian or lawless, pro-homosexual content where five girls at a wild bachelorette party get away with making some bad, even criminal, decisions, including snorting cocaine and trying to get rid of the body of a man they accidentally killed. Language: At least 67 obscenities (slightly more than half “f” words), six strong obscenities, 52 light profanities, and one strong profanity during two scenes during end credits.

Strong and light violence with a comical tone includes woman accidentally hits her head going through a door while perched on her friend’s shoulders, woman jumps on top of man, and he hits his head on marble fireplace, and his head quickly bleeds until he dies, women move man’s dead body a few feet and streak of blood smears across the floor, woman takes a vicious head first dive while driving large jet ski onto beach, woman wobbly and falls down from head dive but seems unhurt otherwise, women tried to dump body into ocean, but body comes back, two men threaten women with guns, there are a couple struggles for the guns, man gets head bumped and knocked unconscious by woman, man head butts woman as they struggle, woman knocks man unconscious with small statue several times, etc.

Strong but mostly implied sexual content includes man takes off shirt and dances for one woman briefly but then makes a lewd suggestion that offends her, another woman jumps onto him, woman kisses two other women in a couple different scenes, older “swingers” couple tries to seduce five women a couple times, but the women decline, implied oral sex between woman and older woman character, two men at gas station want oral sex in meeting third man, but third man declines, images of party items shaped like male sex organ, women talk lewdly several times about fornication, woman describes her homosexual reawakening in euphemistic terms after being pleasured by another woman who’s older, and woman kisses dead body to pretend to strangers that the man’s still alive, but she forgets what she’s doing because she’s a bit dazed and stoned.

Images of party items shaped like male sex organ, two men are shown wearing clothing that’s tight around their groin areas, and upper male nudity in several scenes.

Other Content:
Alcohol use and scenes of drunkenness; extreme promoted drug use includes women snort cocaine in three or so scenes, woman shown smoking from a marijuana bong, and man abuses Adderall to make a long drive and images later show man’s eyes and face really wired as he drives; and, woman’s college friend is jealous of newer friend, women friends later argue about cracks in their friendships, and this leads to some harsh insults but they later apologize, man wears adult diapers to make a long drive to save his engagement, a diamond robbery figures into the plot, lying, and women move body of man who died accidentally and then try to get rid of the body to avoid jail time, but they eventually get away with this behavior.

More Detail:

ROUGH NIGHT is a raunchy, foul-mouthed comedy about a bachelorette party that comes undone by drugs and stupidity. Despite a skillful finish, ROUGH NIGHT is only fitfully amusing and contains frequent obscenities, lewd behavior, a promotion of cocaine use, and immoral homosexual relationships.

ROUGH NIGHT begins with a scene at a college Halloween Party where Jess and her best friend, Alice, win the annual game of beer pong against two frat boys. That’s the first time women have ever won the game. Back at their dorm room, Jess and Alice celebrate their victory with their friends, Blair and Frankie.

Ten years later, Jess is running for state senator and getting married to a handsome but nerdy guy named Peter. Alice has planned a wild bachelorette party for Jess down in Miami Beach with Blair and Frankie. They all go to a bar, where Jess’s Australian friend, Pippa, meets them while towing her luggage. Immediately, Alice is clearly jealous of Pippa.

Of course, everyone drinks a bit too much at the bar. Also, against Jess’s better judgment, Alice and Frankie convince her and the others to snort some cocaine.

They all end back at the house Jess rented from one of her campaign donors, where they’re all bothered by the two older, disgusting “swingers” living next door. However, the night’s not over. Frankie has hired a male stripper from Craig’s List. When a man punches the doorbell, they let him in, even though he acts a little bit strange. An overexcited, intoxicated Alice jumps on the man, and he accidentally hits his head on the marble fireplace and dies a bloody death.

Although they think about calling the police, they delay decision, and things go from bad to worse.

ROUGH NIGHT has a skillful, funny finish that picks up the pace, but the rest of the movie is only fitfully funny and suspenseful. The plot structure and characters clearly need more work.

Also, MOVIEGUIDE® finds ROUGH NIGHT to be too raunchy and filled with way too much foul language. Even worse, it not only promotes “recreational” marijuana use but also cocaine use. Furthermore, when the girls find out from a lawyer they telephone that the police will probably send them to jail because they moved the dead man’s body, they decide to get rid of the body. The ending shows them getting away with this because of a quirk of fate. Finally, one of the movie’s subplots involves Blair and Frankie’s lesbian attraction to one another. The two women used to be lesbian lovers in college, but they broke up, and Blair ended up getting married, having a baby and then divorcing her husband. During their time together at the bachelorette party, Frankie and Blair end up getting back together, and the filmmakers clearly approve of this immoral, politically correct, liberal/leftist plot development.

Taken all together, the immoral content in ROUGH NIGHT makes the movie abhorrent overall. See the above CONTENT section for the messy, sad, obscene, and politically correct details.

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