Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:


Demonic images; some violence; and, a few obscenities

More Detail:

On almost any night of the year, a sighting of little green men equipped with the prerequisite flying saucer, head antennae and death-ray guns, would arouse more than the apprehension of the local denizens of Big Bean, Illinois. However, on Halloween, who could possibly take these guys seriously?

However, on this particular night, a ghastly cosmic blooper occurs when a group of real Martians intercepts the radio signal from a 50th anniversary re-broadcast of Orson Welles’ famed dramatization “War of the Worlds.” Thinking their leaders forgot to mention that an attack on Earth was being planned, the group of slightly confused Martians misinterpret the classic program to be their cue to attack Big Bean and the whole planet Earth.

Fortunately, 10-year-old Kathy Hoxly is “E.T.” savvy. With the help of her new friend Brian, her father Sam (who happens to be the town’s sheriff) and Old Man Wrenchmuller, she rescues the pint-sized invaders from a frenzied posse of townsfolk consisting of crotchety old-timers, gas-pump rubes and greedy bankers. Believing that the aliens are really lovable deep down, Kathy sets out to save the Earth from their blitz and helps blast the bantam-weight visitors back to their astral cosmos.

As cute and lovable as the movie may seem, it is surely one to avoid. For one, underneath their “Die, earth scum” bravado, the aliens are not lovable, but violent, whose expressed goal is to obliterate the Earth. For another, their ghoul-like speech and demonic appearance, in conjunction with the trick o’ treaters’ Halloween costumes, serve only to further desensitize children to demonology and evil influences. SPACED INVADERS is not without instances of violence and devoid of any redeeming value.

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