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Release Date: April 03, 1992

Starring: Dolly Parton & James Wood

Genre: Comedy

Audience: Adults

Rating: PG

Runtime: 90 minutes

Distributor: Hollywood Pictures/Buena Vista
(Walt Disney Co.)

Director: Barnet Kellman

Executive Producer:

Producer: Craig Bolotin & Patricia

Writer: Robert Chartoff & Fred Berner

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(LL, V, SS, O, M, NA, B) 11 obscenities & 6 profanities; hitting man in face & man hit on head by TV equipment; bedroom scene (sex implied but not shown), frequent references to genitalia (crude), discussion about losing one's virginity, cohabitation, suggestive dress; reference to reincarnation; deception; and, wishing at bridge. However, the film upholds honesty.


In STRAIGHT TALK, ex-dance instructor Shirlee Kenyan moves to Chicago and becomes a success as the advice-giving hostess of a call-in radio show. Mindlessly predictable, the movie does prove that one should always tell the truth. Regrettably, Dolly Parton is cast as a three-time divorcee, and her relationship with an investigative reporter includes an overnight session and chit-chat on losing her virginity.


In STRAIGHT TALK, dance instructor Shirlee Kenyan moves to Chicago and works as a switchboard operator at WNDY radio. After fumbling calls, Shirlee is mistaken for Dr. Kendall, a newly hired psychologist for STRAIGHT TALK. As listeners call in with problems, Shirlee dons a headset and answers with "like my Daddy used to say" advice. When STRAIGHT TALK goes off the air, 500 listeners call in support of Shirlee. The producer offers her a contract, but Shirlee insists: "I don't feel comfortable pretending to be something I'm not." After a little negotiation, Shirlee rationalizes that double-salary would come in handy. As Shirlee's career skyrockets, an investigative reporter named Jack suspects foul play. Wanting to break the story, Jack befriends Shirlee, yet ends up falling in love with her. Later, Shirlee and Jack confess they lied to achieve their goals. Their repentance is reminiscent of the timeless proverb: "honesty is the best policy."

Regrettably, Dolly Parton is cast as a three-time divorcee. Also, her relationship with Jack includes an overnight bedroom session and chit-chat on losing her virginity. If a brain check were in order, STRAIGHT TALK would never have been made.

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