Content: +3 Some minor questionable elements.

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What You Need To Know:

Praise the Lord for THE PREACHER'S WIFE. When Pastor Henry Biggs comes to the end of his rope, an angel named Dudley falls out of heaven to help him. Containing strong Christian dialogue and prayers to Christ, it is flawed only by the "It's A Wonderful Life"-type angel. This cinematic device is counterbalanced by clear references to God's Laws, God's Grace, love, and faith in Jesus Christ. Movies don't get much better than this.


(CCC, B, L, A, D, FR, M) Very strong Christian worldview with many references to God including songs about Jesus, pictures of Jesus, the Christmas story, and prayer to Jesus, temptation rebuked, greed rebuked, marriage upheld, prayer commended, slightly flawed by the "Wonderful Life"-type angel who was a deceased man who comes back as an angel in answer to a prayer; one use of the word "hell" & several appeals to God; no violence; no sex; no nudity; smoking rebuked; some drinking; and, a quick robbery scene.

More Detail:

In THE PREACHER’S WIFE, Henry Biggs, the pastor of a run-down, inner-city church, is burned out. He has given everything he has in service to God. The last straw is that a greedy developer, Joe Hamilton, has bought the mortgage on the church and wants to turn it into a mall. In desperation, Henry utters one last prayer to God. Suddenly, the angel Dudley, played by Denzel Washington, falls out of heaven. The good natured but sometimes inept Dudley attempts to help, and eventually, he gets everyone to do their part. However, the big question is, “Will Joe Hamilton destroy the church and will this be Henry’s last Christmas sermon?”

A remake of THE BISHOP’S WIFE, this superb movie contains winsome dialog, strong theological references to Jesus Christ, the Christmas story told in Bible readings, song and drama, constant references to God, biblical references to the church holding the neighborhood together, rebuking temptation, upholding the law of God, honoring marriage, commending prayer, lifting up salvation, and extolling forgiveness. It is flawed only by the “It’s A Wonderful Life”-type angel explanation, but this is counterbalanced by clear references to God’s Law and Grace. In fact, movies don’t get much better than this one. It is an emotional roller coaster which leads us to confront the true meaning of faith and love.