THE TIE THAT BINDS is set in England during 1765 to 1815. It tells of the Rev. John Fawcett as he ministers among a hate filled, lust driven farming community: Wainsgate . When poverty and an offer to preach in a better community are offered to John, he must make one of the most important decisions of his life. Moral, well-photographed and entertaining, it is a positive historically-accurate portrayal of a beloved hymnist.


THE TIE THAT BINDS is set in England between 1765 and 1815. Beloved hymnist, the Rev. John Fawcett ministers to a hate-filled, lust-driven, farming village community: Wainsgate . All involved are challenged to learn how to bind their hearts and minds together in Christian love. Interacting in charming humorous, lighthearted ways, John befriends a baby pig, receives direction from the newly sober town drunk, softens hardened shepherds, and muddles over a tempting offer to move to London. Meanwhile, John, his wife and family barely survive on ragged clothes and a diet of potatoes. In a moment of crisis and crying out to God, John composes the beloved hymn BLEST BE THE TIE THAT BINDS.

The movie inspires us to reach out with God’s love to a dying world and then humble ourselves to receive grace from those around us. The Rev. John Fawcett’s hymn has become a precious song used in unifying Christ’s body at weddings and in general worship. Well-photographed and well-written, it presents a strong theme to trust God despite unsavory external circumstances. Including a fight scene and some sinful characters including a drunk and a prostitute who repent and turn to Christ, it nevertheless remains a family film effective for home ministry or church ministry. It is a historically accurate movie documenting a great Christian.


(CCC, V, S, A) Christian worldview extolling sacrifice over selfishness; brief violence in fight scene between two villagers; a woman appearing to be a prostitute has some very mild sexual suggestiveness; and, alcohol use by town alcoholic.

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