Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

TREES LOUNGE is a lifeless, plotless, immoral movie written and directed by Steve Buscemi , who plays Tommy, an unemployed auto-mechanic. Tommy takes a job as an ice cream man, but becomes romantically attached to his 17-yeard-old helper. This movie features nothing redeeming and is full of drinking, picking up women, lying to others, using cocaine, and using obscenities.


(Pa, LLL, V, S, M) Pagan worldview of hopelessness & depravity; 62 obscenities & 10 profanities; man chases & beats other man & implied car wreck; alcohol use & abuse; smoking & cocaine use; people drinking & dancing to escape life's sorrows & grown man kisses 17-year-old girl

More Detail:

TREES LOUNGE is a lifeless, plotless, immoral movie written and directed by Steve Buscemi who also plays Tommy, an unemployed auto-mechanic. Tommy spends most of his nights chasing skirts and sucking beer and bourbon at the Trees Lounge. When his woman of choice passes out in a drunken stupor, Tommy goes home to hear that his Uncle Al has died from a heart attack. Uncle Al used to run an ice cream truck and his position is now available. Penniless, Tommy takes the job and is assisted by a 17-year-old Debbie. Tommy takes her to the Trees Lounge and vouches that she is 21. When Debbie gets drunk, he takes her back to his house. They kiss and she spends the night — on the couch. When her father finds out where she was, he holds Tommy responsible, chases him down and beats him up. The movie closes with Tommy telling a friend that he is lost.

This movie features nothing moral or redeeming. Tommy and his bar buddies are lost. They drink, pick up women – even under-aged women, lie to others, use cocaine, and slack around the lounge. Depravity has been handled better in virtually every other movie that tackles the subject. The problem with TREES LOUNGE is that it has no focus, plot or theme. TREES LOUNGE is ineffectual and irrelevant.

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