Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:


Approximately dozen profanities and obscenities; incest and implied masturbation; adultery and transvestism; and, earthiness, lewdness and sexual innuendo

More Detail:

This inventive, yet recklessly lunatic comedy is about an eccentric scriptwriter who is hired by a New Orleans radio station to boost the ratings of its lackluster soap opera. TUNE IN TOMORROW may keep audiences laughing, but clearly portrays the need to pause and consider what you are tuning into these days.

It is 1951 and radio station WXBU, “The Voice of New Orleans,” needs to spice up its tired soap opera, “Kings of the Garden District.” So the station owner hires Pedro Carmichael, a wildly eccentric, but very talented scriptwriter, who turns the soap into a mind-boggling, incest-laced, suspenseful saga that captures the imaginations of all New Orleans, with the sole exception of the Albanians, whom Pedro inexplicably lambasts with earthy and tasteless wisecracks every chance he gets.

Also working at the radio station is 21-year-old Martin, an aspiring apprentice news-writer who is smitten by 34-year-old Julia, his aunt by marriage. Pedro takes Martin under his wing, and, having discovered that Martin is in love with his Aunt Julia, decides to play Cupid.

Pedro, as it turns out, is also a master manipulator, not only of the radio soap operas he pens so furiously, but also of Martin and Julia’s real-life courtship. While helping young Martin, Pedro at the same time helps himself by tape recording Martin and Julia’s dialogue, which he then uses in his scripts. The film cuts back and forth between the “real” romance with aunt and nephew, and the fictionalized escapades that play daily on the radio.

Pedro realizes his power to influence people, but thinks of them only as actors on a stage and feels no remorse for causing them pain. He takes delight in creating real-life crises for innocent people, and the movie clearly portrays unsuspecting listeners being influenced by someone who doesn’t care for them.

TUNE IN TOMORROW tries to illustrate how the crazy things we allow into our heads become our dreams, aspirations and passions, which in turn results in a double standard. The entire town listens to “Kings of the Garden District” with patriotic fervor, but is surprised and repulsed by a real life situation of incest and forbidden love that reflects their favorite plot. Moreover, the film seems to be saying that incest and adultery are exciting and acceptable only when they are not real.

As if this ungodly notion weren’t enough, Martin decides to marry a woman his family regards as his aunt and run away with her to Paris where “all the women are older than men,” thus insinuating that there is a place in the world where these kind of relationships are natural.

It is clear, then, that this is a fairy tale in which taboos are made to be broken. One particularly offensive scene has Pedro, in order to add fire to a love scene, suggesting to one radio actor that he masturbate first. Incest, masturbation, transvestism, profanity, obscenity — tune out TUNE IN TOMORROW.