"Crude Comical Misadventures"

Quality: Content: -2 "EXTREME CAUTION"


(RoRo, PaPa, Ho, B, P, LLL, VV, SS, N, AA, DD, MM) Strong Romantic worldview, with messages of follow your heart, have fun and some hedonistic pagan content, plus brief homosexual references and some moral, positive content regarding police, though one policeman is kind of dumb; at least 75 obscenities (including 38 or so “f” words), seven strong profanities including use of Jesus, and 11 light profanities; light violence in comical situations includes woman shot at, woman chased by cop cars, woman pushes over young boy; strong sexual content overall includes implied fornication with couple that just met, kissing, multiple crude jokes that talk about sexual actions, one homosexual character has a very limited role, mentions of prostitutes, gentlemen’s club shown from the outside; upper male nudity with man in underwear, woman in underwear, woman in tight dress that makes people think she’s a prostitute; drinking and drunkenness at a club; smoking of an e cigarette, mentions of marijuana being smoked, woman ends up in cocaine house with a cocaine addict that gives her cocaine as a gift, and woman tries to sell cocaine back to a drug dealer to get $10 to go home; and, female protagonist steals young boy’s bike, steals some shoes, and tells some lies.


WALK OF SHAME is a comedy about a woman trying to land a job as a news anchor at a national television station who gets completely lost on her way to a trial run. Though competently made and acted, WALK OF SHAME is filled with a lot of cursing and crude jokes, with a Romantic worldview and some drug references.


In Brief:

WALK OF SHAME is a comedy about Meghan, who’s finally up for a huge promotion to anchor the news at a national TV station. Everything she has done in her career is to get to this point. Her friends, Rose and Denise, decide to take her out to celebrate. The three get drunk, and Meghan goes home with the bartender, Gordon. Waking up in the middle of the night, Meghan listens to a voicemail saying she must perform the next day at the station to land the job. Leaving Gordon’s apartment, she has no phone, no car and no money. Comical misadventures follow.
The best part of WALK OF SHAME is the charming Elizabeth Bank, who plays Meghan. The rest of the movie falls short in the laugh department. WALK OF SHAME has a Romantic worldview. What starts off the plot is the main character getting drunk and going home with a man she just met. Later, she encounters drug deals, prostitutes, cocaine addicts, and gang members. WALK OF SHAME warrants extreme caution. It’s not a movie for teenagers, especially teenage girls.