Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In the horror movie WRONG TURN, a young medical student and a young woman try to fight off three murderous cannibals in the backwoods of Virginia. Despite some light redemptive elements, WRONG TURN contains lots of cannibal carnage and foul language.


(C, B, PC, AbAb, LLL, VVV, S, A, DD, M) Light Christian or redemptive worldview with hero overcoming his selfishness, marred by politically correct attitudes toward Southern mountain people, by extremely violent, gruesome portrayal of cannibalism, and by other immoral behavior; about 27 obscenities, five strong profanities and 10 light exclamatory profanities; extreme, and often gruesome, violence includes bloody images of apparently cannibalized body parts, including woman's body missing a leg and innards kept in jars, gruesome images of dead bodies, blood drips on people, sounds of villains hacking bodies, people are shot, villain shoot man to death with arrows, hatchet buried in woman's neck, stabbings, car crash, arson, and explosions; implied fornication, passionate kiss, and a couple other brief sexual references; no nudity but man in underwear and a shirt and female cleavage; no alcohol use; smoking and marijuana use; and,

More Detail:

In the classic hero tale, the hero encounters obstacles and conflicts that test his courage, stamina, strength, and character, resulting in a positive change to his mental, emotional and/or spiritual condition. This is what seems to happen in the new horror movie WRONG TURN, where the selfish young protagonist learns to risk his life for other people when he encounters three cannibals living in the Southern mountains. Regrettably, however, this premise is spoiled by extremely gruesome references to the violent habits of the cannibals, strong foul language, some political correctness, and other objectionable content.

The movie opens with a medical student named Chris rushing through the Virginia mountains to make an appointment in Raleigh, North Carolina. The road is blocked, however, so Chris decides to take a back road through the woods. His car crashes into a wrecked van whose tires ran over some barbed wire deliberately placed on the road. The van’s occupants, Jessie, her friend Carly, Carly’s fiancé Scott, and Evan and his girlfriend Francine, are not hurt. Evan and Francine stay behind while the others go looking for help. Chris, Jessie, Carly, and Scott come across a backwoods cabin. Looking for a phone, they abruptly decide to leave when they discover that the cabin’s occupants appear to be cannibal thieves with a lot of bloody body parts and human belongings in their possession. Just then, the three occupants return with Francine’s dead body and it takes all of their courage and strength to keep themselves alive.

The first half of this movie is particularly horrific, because the filmmakers delight in rubbing the audience’s faces in the gruesome aspects of the villains’ cannibalism. Thus, although Chris and Jessie manage to kill the cannibals and escape at the end, viewers have to sit through the gruesome parts first. Such titillation is abhorrent.

WRONG TURN also contains plenty of foul language, some sexual references, brief illegal drug use, and politically correct stereotypes of Southern people living in rural mountain areas.

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