"19 More Kids and Counting"

What You Need To Know:

The Season Two premiere of BRINGING UP BATES, “All Together Again,” follows the Bates family as they celebrate a special tradition, “I Love You Day,” the married couples go out on a quintuple date, and the entire family prepares for a baby shower. “All Together Again” features moral lessons about love for all ages and is clean entertainment for anyone watching.



106/04/2015All Together Again+4
206/11/2015Future In-Laws+4
306/18/2015High Risk, High Hopes+4
406/25/2015Meema Moves In+4
507/02/2015Blessings. . . and New Beginnings?+4
6Coming Soon

More Detail:

BRINGING UP BATES stars the Bates family, Gil and Kelly Jo, and their 19 children, from Tennessee. The show focuses on the family’s daily lives and routines.

Each episode is very family oriented and teaches the importance of love, family, and working together. There are strong moral values that the Bates family shares and practices, as well as an apparent faith and belief in God. Often, the family will be shown praying, and there is an apparent theological basis in the way the Bates raise their children.

BRINGING UP BATES is appropriate for the entire family. Every age group can appreciate the lessons that are taught.