"Finding the Un-findable"

Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.

What You Need To Know:

LAST HOPE WITH TROY DUNN is an uplifting Reality TV program where host Troy Dunn unravels the mystery behind lost loved ones and reunites families. In “Our Secret Brother,” Debra and Gary Sadler had a baby out of wedlock when Debra was 19. Debra gave the boy up for adoption, but she and Gary eventually get married and have two daughters, Sarah and Leah. When their daughters were teenagers, they informed them they had an older brother they gave up for adoption. Sarah and Leah become committed to finding their brother. They reach out to Troy, who found their grateful brother, Craig. Craig had been adopted into a loving family, but he always longed to meet his birth parents too.

“Our Secret Brother” is a beautiful story with a strong moral worldview and Christian principles. Debra and Gary are devoted to God and raise their daughters in the church. Their long-lost son thanks God. “Our Secret Brother” reflects the compassion, love and joy that comes from the Lord. It’s a wonderful premiere episode for the inspiring TV program, LAST HOPE WITH TROY DUNN.


109/10/2015Our Secret Brother+3
209/17/2015Family Is Everything+1
309/24/2015A Mother's Lies+1

More Detail:

LAST HOPE WITH TROY DUNN is a positive reality television show where host Troy Dunn unravels the mystery behind lost loved ones where he reunites adoptive children with their biological parents. The 20-minute episodes are uplifting as Troy unites long lost family members together. LAST HOPE WITH TROY DUNN uses personal interviews to tell the story. With very light violence and sexual references only referred to on occasion during personal interviews, caution is only advised for young children.