Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.
Air Date:02/26/2018

What You Need To Know:

In the first episode of LIVING BIBLICALLY, airing on CBS, Chip has an epiphany to follow every rule and law in the Bible as a spiritual cleanse, to prepare him for the birth of the baby he and his wife are expecting. After befriending a priest, Father Gene, and Rabbi Gil, whom he calls his “God Squad,” Chip struggles with what to do about his co-worker who’s always bragging to him about his sexual dalliances with other women that aren’t his wife. Chip is especially concerned since his own wife, Leslie, is good friends with his co-worker’s wife. If Chip is going to follow the letter of the law, then that means he has to stone his co-worker because of the Levitical laws about adultery. However, Chip can’t really stone him. . . can he?

The pilot episode of LIVING BIBLICALLY is pretty funny and charming. It’s a bit hard to relate to Chip however, because he goes from being a lapsed catholic to following every rule in the Bible in almost an instant. Even the most committed Christian will have difficulty following Chip’s leap. That said, Leslie supports Chip’s journey, even though she herself is an atheist. Even the resolution from Chip’s “stoning” incident is positive and redemptive, not to mention pretty funny.

On the content side, there’s a reference to Chips boss being a lesbian, a reference to adultery and being stoned, and some light obscenities, so caution for older pre-teens is advised.


(CCC, BBB, Ho, L, V, S, A, DD, M) Very strong Christian, biblical worldview showing value in the Bible, value in faith, and a husband trying to become a better man for his wife and future baby, plus there’s a homosexual reference; five light obscenities; a man throws a rock at his co-worker; light references to sexual immorality includes a man brags about cheating on his wife with various women, but it’s frowned upon and rebuked, and he confesses it to his wife by the end of the episode, a reference to a woman being a lesbian; no nudity; light drinking; a reference to being high or “stoned”; and, some jokes about religion and faith but faith itself isn’t turned into a joke or to be mocked or ridiculed in a mean, dishonest way.


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