"Heartwarming, Fun, and Redemptive "


What You Need To Know:

NEXT GEN is a TV movie on Netflix set in a futuristic city where almost every family has a household robot for their personal assistance. Mai is a lonely young schoolgirl who misses her dead father and gets bullied at school. When she stumbles on an unusual type of robot, they quickly develop a friendship, taking on exciting new adventures every day. However, the robot’s evil co-creator has a nefarious plan to rule the world. Mai and her new robot friend have to team up to save Mai’s mother and the rest of the world.

NEXT GEN is entertaining from beginning to end, with action-packed scenes as well as many heartwarming moments. The movie focuses on positive Christian, moral values such as love, friendship and self-sacrifice. NEXT GEN has very little questionable content. Mai’s robot friend translates a barking dog, turning some of his rude barks into bleeps. There are also a few examples of family dysfunction, plus some action violence and scary robots. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children who might get a chance to see NEXT GEN.


(CC, BBB, L, VV, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
  Strong Christian, redemptive, moral worldview, including overarching themes of love, friendship and self-sacrifice, where character sacrifices what they hold most dear to save others;

Foul Language:
  Two light OMG profanities and no obscenities but when a dog barks a robot translates the dog and bleeps out the obscenities, a few examples of words like “nerd” and “stupid,” and one use of “holy mother of toast”;

  Moderate amount of action violence such as girl gets into a fight with a school bully and leaves with some scratches and a black eye, many examples of robots fighting each other with guns blasting, etc., but mostly robot versus robot violence;

  No sex;

 No nudity;

Alcohol Use:
 No alcohol use;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
  No smoking or drugs; and

Miscellaneous Immorality:
 Light miscellaneous immorality such as girl’s mother is extremely negligent and practically ignores her daughter, girl is disrespectful on multiple occasions to her mother and disobeys her authority, light examples of revenge but rebuked, and a man is revealed to be a robot and could be a bit scary for young children.

More Detail:

NEXT GEN is a TV movie on Netflix set in a futuristic city where almost every family has a household robot for their personal assistance, while a young girl named Mai struggles to find companionship after her father dies.

As the movie opens, Mai is constantly angry at the world, including her negligent mother and gets bullied and beaten at school. While at a conference with her mom regarding the new and improved Q-Bot, Mai sneaks away and begins to snoop around the building. She finds something she’s never seen before. This robot is responsive and evolutionary in its design. The robot, called 7723, immediately becomes attached to Mai and wants to be her friend. Mai ignores him and runs away, forgetting her school backpack full of her personal belongings.

Finding her backpack, 7723 decides he must return it to her, which incites a dangerous highway chase as he plows through the streets after her. Because of the robot police force, he’s separated from Mai, but manages to find his way to her house.

Mai realizes 7723 has weapons built into him, so she plans to take revenge against all the people who wronged her, including the school bullies. 7723 doesn’t especially like hurting other people, or other robots, but Mai convinces him this is what friends do for each other.

Mai and 7723 spend day after day together, playing and creating new memories. Sadly, 7723 has limited space for memory and has to continually delete his memories that he can part with, in order to prevent a complete program reset, deleting any and all memories. He finally decides he can do without his weapons program, to create more space for the memories with his new friend Mai.

However, the co-creator of the household bots, Justin Pin, has a different and evil plan for the world that 7723 was created to prevent. Justin knows he has to destroy 7723 in order for his plan to work. He comes after the good robot, bursting into the home of Mai and her mother. Mai begs 7723 to fight for them, but he’s disabled his weapons ability to create memory space in his hard drive. Justin and his evil robot overpower them and kidnap Mai’s mother. Mai runs after her mother, desperate for her rescue, and angry at 7723 for not protecting them the way she thought he would. Now, the kind robot has to prove to Mai how much she means to him, rescue Mai’s mother and prevent the world from being destroyed.

NEXT GEN is a heartwarming story about what friendship can do for a broken and lonely little girl. Based on the comic by Wang Nima, this movie contains valuable morals for children, including sacrifice, love and friendship. With an almost all-star voice-over cast, the movie is entertaining from beginning to end with action-packed scenes as well as moments with a lot of heart. A viewer doesn’t have to be a child in order to enjoy this movie. Although as humorous and witty as other animated theatrical movies, NEXT GEN contains some genuine laughs and emotional high points.

This movie is dominated by a Christian, moral worldview, where the love and friendship between characters causes them to sacrifice themselves for the other. By the end of the movie, Mai learns that revenge isn’t the correct answer and that love can conquer the anger she’s been holding onto for so long. There are a few questionable elements, including a moderate amount of action violence, a few examples of family dysfunction, and a barking dog where the robot translates what it says but has to bleep out almost half of what he says. With very little objectionable content in NEXT GEN, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children.

Quality: - Content: +1
Quality: - Content: +1