"Family Trumps Business"

Content: Moderately questionable elements.

What You Need To Know:


104/06/2018Scooter Buskie+2
204/06/2018Cat’s in the Cradle+2
304/06/2018Family Fun Night+2
404/06/2018Formula for Menace: A Dekker Moonboots Mystery+2

More Detail:

THE BOSS BABY:  BACK IN BUSINESS showcases the day to day work activities of the Boss Baby and his company, Baby Corp. The Netflix series is a spinoff of the popular, hilarious 2017 animated comedy movie THE BOSS BABY.

MOVIEGUIDE® reviewed several of the first episodes of Season One. In the story, Boss Baby continues to balance his double-life as a working professional while being part of the Templeton family. Along with Boss Baby’s personal team of other baby professionals, they must navigate the challenges of acting like true babies to adults, while conducting business simultaneously.

THE BOSS BABY:  BACK IN BUSINESS is a sweet, funny series that stresses a strong moral worldview promoting family and family values. Slight caution is advised for younger children, due to brief animated violence and some miscellaneous immoral behavior.