Princebury Productions & Media

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Founded in 2003, Princebury Productions & Media is a motion picture production company that specializes in financing, producing, distributing, and marketing the highest quality, story-driven message films and television programming in the industry. We secure our financial resources independently, enabling us to produce cost-effective material while offering filmmakers and creative talent a non-bureaucratic environment to work in. Our team has over 120 years in entertainment and finance, primarily as attorneys and investment bankers working directly with top Wall Street firms, and has raised over $2.5 billion in equity and debt investments. Our advisory services provide clients with decades of experience to help them navigate the increasing complexity of this global industry. Princebury Publishing handles select material that complements our projects and is distributed through our extensive network of retailers and other channels. We also handle acquisitions in order to build a comprehensive library and continue our distribution of exceptional content to a growing audience. Princebury has a national and international distribution platform, which delivers our productions directly to theaters, cable, television, and retailers worldwide.


Princebury — Changing the Face of Film