We’re fighting against content that grooms children to be abused

Movieguide is fighting to stop movies like"Cuties"

Cuties claims to be a coming of age story and a rebuke of cultural norms, but its end does not justify its means. 

The movie runs an excruciating two hours of young girls twerking, grinding on each other, and imitating sexual acts while "dancing".

The content is so unbearable it verges on the edge of pornographic! For nearly 40 years Movieguide has been influencing Hollywood to transform the content they create.

Thats why we're fighting to see these same changes with Netflix, but this is Movie goes so far beyond the bounds of decency that we must act!

We're pushing back at the highest levels of government by working to have action taken against any movie like "Cuties" that sexualizes underage girls, tantalizes pedophiles, and grooms children to be abused.


Please help us in this fight! Your donation is helping us in the fight to block this kind of content and educate families.

We cannot allow young girls to be exposed to this kind of content, on a platform as accessible as Netflix.