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Stop Hollywood From Attacking Motherhood

Hollywood Should Know Better Than to Insult Motherhood With the Latest Movie BAD MOMS!

Being a mother is hard enough. So why is STX Entertainment releasing a movie about three mothers giving up their responsibilities of being decent parents and role models, and trading it for parties, alcohol and debauchery? Mothers that both love their children, and work hard to raise deserve better than this.

In the trailer of BAD MOMS, these are celebrated:
Excessive cussing by Mom’s
Sexual perversion
Disregard of parental responsibilities and safety

For 30 years, Movieguide® has been working hard in Hollywood to encourage studios to promote the positive institution of motherhood. More than ever, children need parents that hold to strong moral values. The selfishness promoted in BAD MOMS is not only offensive, but it’s dangerous!

Sign this petition and we’ll let Hollywood studios know, especially STX Entertainment that we want movies that promote positive depictions of moms. 

Please share this with anyone you know that also wants to protect our wonderful mothers.

May God bless you richly! 

– Movieguide®.

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