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Top 10 Science Fiction Movies Star-Wars-Millenium-Falcon-Render

Check out our Top 10 Science Fiction movie picks.

Top Mother's Day Movies There are a growing number of family movies, but many of them mostly feature the dad, such as CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, FATHER OF THE BRIDE and COLLEGE ROAD TRIP, and in too many of them, the mother is dead or missing, such as THE GAME PLAN and FINDING NEMO. In a significant number of cases, the mother is the villain, such as AMERICAN BEAUTY, SOUTH PARK and SERIAL MOM. This doesn’t help children develop a positive image of mothers. Two reasons for the missing mom or even the mean mom can be found in some of the lingering marketing rules of the entertainment industry. First, the entertainment industry believes that little girls will go to movies that little boys like, but little boys won’t go to little girl movies. Walt Disney Company seemingly ran into that problem with the delightful entertaining movie ENCHANTED. The second rule is the expected scenario is the bad dad, so movies want to do the unexpected. There’s a guideline in the press that you don’t want the common story about the dog biting the man but the uncommon story of the man biting the dog. Whatever the reason, it would be nice to see more I REMEMBER MAMA movies. One way to do that is for the vast Christian audience to support the good, whether it features girls or boys, mothers or fathers, if it contains a Christian, biblical worldview. Here's MOVIEGUIDE®’s Best Movies for Mother’s Day.  
Top Easter Movies

At Movieguide(R)  we've pulled together a list of movies that faithfully show the meaning of the Resurrection season.

Check them out, some of them you'll recognize, some of them you won't, some may even surprise you that they are on the list.

Top 10 Animated Movies that Teach Integrity

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Kids love animated movies and parents love to build their child's character.  So, what's better than a list o Top 10 Animated Movies that Teach Integrity.  Rent one of these this weekend for the whole family!

TOP BIBLICAL EPICS! Movies have always told the stories from the Bible, often with great drama and great accuracy.  We applaud these epic epics!
Top Superhero Movies!

Look!  Up in the sky!  It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No, it's Movieguide's Top Superhero movie list!   See if your favorite made the list.

Movies for Father's Day!

Here's Top 10 Movies for you to watch with Dad!



Top Movies for MEMORIAL DAY! Memorial Day is always a grim reminder of the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country's freedom. Instill patriotism into your family by viewing one of these movies as part of your Memorial Day weekend. Some of these recent movies contain strong subject matter, so caution or even extreme caution is warranted, even for older teenagers and adults.
Take Your Mind Off Taxes! Here's Classic Comedies To Ease The Pain It's that time again - April 15th looms and you try to remember exactly where you put those receipts.  It's a time of stress and frustration -- but take heart!  Movieguide(R) is here with a list of top classic movie comedies that will at the very least distract you for a little bit from IRS paperwork.  Enjoy!
Movies To Celebrate Marriage

Movies give us great insight into marriage.  We've put together a list that celebrates the love and laughter.

TOP SPORTS MOVIES!   Everybody loves sports.  Everybody loves movies.  So, what could be better than sports movies!  Here's a list of some top favorites that you can watch this weekend - after the game!  
TOP MOVIES FOR VALENTINE'S DAY In honor of Valentine's Day , we've combed through the library of terrific movies and have picked a few that celebrate marriage. Of course there are more than just these, but here's some top movies to check out and watch with someone you love!    
HIGH RANKING MOVIES OF 2011 revisionist-history-slider 2011 is done but there were some standouts this past year that made their way to your neighborhood theater. Here is a sampling of movies that had wide theatrical release AND earned high acceptability ratings in 2011. Many are available now on DVD or through streaming services.
Top 10 Science Fiction Movies Star-Wars-Millenium-Falcon-Render

Check out our Top 10 Science Fiction movie picks.