Master-Class Los Angeles

Date: November 18-22, 2020

Duration: 5 Days

Cost: $1,500 (Space is Limited) 

Location: Camarillo, CA 


Master-Class is a comprehensive intensive on making movies which:

  • Glorify God
  • Minister in Profound Ways to Audiences
  • Remain Financially Viable

This Master-Class is not for those with a casual interest. It encompasses everything from movie idea all the way to distribution.

We limit class size to eight to provide for a more personal instruction and interaction. We want to be able to answer the important questions you have about how to improve as a filmmaker._


• Premise

• 3 Acts

• Story Beats

• Character Arcs

• Subtext

Scene Construction

•Drawing Emotion

• Creating Suspense

• Building Empathy

• Creating Entertainment Value


• Protecting Rights

• Understanding Contracts

• Financing

• Pre-Production

• Production

• Effective Marketing

• Distribution Options


The class is taught by renowned speaker and film critic Dr. Ted Baehr. To augment his teaching time, he brings in two Entertainment Industry professionals to teach and interact with students on their fields of the industry. 

Each Day - 9:00 am to 10 pm, including evening screenings

Thursday – Foundations and 12 Steps to Communicating Effectively, with Practice and Critique

Friday/Saturday – Step-by-Step Instruction, with Practice and Critique

Sunday Morning – Practice and Critique

Sunday Afternoon – Graduation and Celebration at the Baehr’s home