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Yes, Ted! You Can Count On Me!

By signing below, I stand with Movieguide® to demand Amazon not to spend millions of dollars of our membership fees to give us Playboy decadence.

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Here’s why we’re taking action:

Amazon Prime Video just announced that a 13-part Amazon original series about Hugh Hefner, the founder of the wicked Playboy empire, is about to be delivered right to your TV set or computer!

"We are excited to bring Prime members the untold story of Mr. Hefner’s remarkable life and his contributions to modern American history."  

—Conrad Riggs, head of programming, Amazon Studios, quoted in Variety.

Can you or any moral American make a statement like that? 

Yes, Mr. Hefner has contributed to American history, but those contributions are corrupt and vile. Let’s remember that he single-handedly led the so-called sexual revolution, which normalized cohabitation and the "hook up culture" that we now endure. His publishing opened the doors for the pornography epidemic that we are suffering from today when everyone from 12 year-old-boys to grown men are addicted. And, he even sponsored the lower-court cases that led to Roe v. Wade, which kills millions upon millions of children each year. Yes, Mr. Hefner has a legacy, but not one we want served up as entertainment!

Please sign the above petition and let your voice be heard!

Dr. Ted Baehr

P.S. The times are desperate, but together we can change things!

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