A Godless Marriage Is Worse Than a Loveless One

America has the highest marriage rate of any other nation in the West, but it also has a high divorce rate, a high rate of extra-marital promiscuity, and a high rate of men and women living together without the benefit of marriage.

In fact, many people divorce their spouse because the bloom is off the rose of their romantic love.

The result of this problem is that, all too often, the children are a mere afterthought – before, during and after marriage.

What these Americans may be forgetting, however, is that a godless marriage is worse than a loveless marriage. In fact, it seems impossible to have the one without the other.

Hence, not only do we have to stop the re-definition of marriage by homosexual activists and their supporters, we must also put God and Jesus Christ back into the marriage ceremony and family life.

– Source: N/A.


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