Kat Von D Wasn’t Truly Free From Addiction ‘Until I Found God’

Photo from Kat Von D’s Instagram

Kat Von D Wasn’t Truly Free From Addiction ‘Until I Found God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Tattoo artist Kat Von D says she wasn’t “free” from addiction until she found God. 

“I was 20, barely 21, and I was a full-blown alcoholic,” she said on an episode of Allie Beth Stuckey’s “Relatable” podcast. “I was drinking all the time. I got introduced to drugs at that point, but I was functioning so, like, somehow, I miraculously showed up to work every day and I did a great job, but behind that was just this growing addiction.”

Von D shared that she had even signed contracts while drunk, adding, “I had no idea I signed away the rights to my name and my likeness and my art and everything I created.”

“I wasn’t really actively pursuing any belief system. I was just sad. I was drinking and I was trying to find answers in the wrong places, and it wasn’t until I got sober, which is — it’s 17 years ago in July that I really opened up my eyes to wanting to fix myself, and that’s when I started getting into a lot of the new age stuff,” she continued. 

The former reality star explained that things like meditation and self-help books were “very short-lived band-aids.”

“I’ve been sober for a long time, but I don’t feel like I was free from all of it until I found God,” Von D concluded. 

Von D was baptized last year. Movieguide® previously reported:

Former tattoo artist Kat Von D shared a video of her baptism following a long journey of personal transformation after she renounced the occult and witchcraft last year. 

She captioned the video with a cross.

“Katherine von Drachenberg, upon your profession of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in obedience to His Divine command, I baptize you, my sister, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,” the pastor said before submerging a white robe-clad Von D.

Von D joyfully hugged him as she emerged from the water.

Von D’s friends attended the baptism, and the video shows several tattooed, pierced people reading from hymnals and worshiping.

Von D has shared her faith journey on social media. 

In an Instagram post from July 2022, she wrote, “Today, I went through my entire library, and threw out books that just don’t align with who I am and who I want to be.”

“I’ve always found beauty in the macabre, but at this point, I just had to ask myself what is my relationship with this content?” Von D continued. “And the truth is, I just don’t want to invite any of these things into our family’s lives, even if it comes disguised in beautiful covers, collecting dust on my shelves…right now, it’s never been more clear to me that there is a spiritual battle taking place, and I want to surround myself and my family with love and light.”

She later elaborated on this decision, saying, “I don’t want these crutches in my life anymore, and that’s what really I saw them as. I just want Jesus, and it’s a very narrow road. I feel like all these other, these breathing techniques, or spell work, nature worship, all these things, they’re just crutches. They’re not really my answer.”

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