Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.

What You Need To Know:

IT'S ALL TRUE: AN UNFINISHED FILM BY ORSON WELLES consists of newly discovered film footage by the great genius when Welles lived in Brazil as an unofficial United States ambassador. Four unfinished films make up the series in which Welles chose to explore the lives of common people during carnival time in Rio as opposed to the lives of the rich and famous.


(H, O) Four unfinished films of Orson Welles are combined with contemporary commentary on Welles' work as a filmmaker. Primarily a humanist worldview, the film contains no violence or profanity, but there is some brief discussion of Brazilian Voodoo rituals.

More Detail:

What a treat it is to experience the work of a genius–and something quite extraordinary when it is newly discovered material! IT’S ALL TRUE: AN UNFINISHED FILM BY ORSON WELLES contains such material and it is akin to discovering a Picasso rough sketch at a yard sale. Though unfinished, the material is nevertheless priceless. What a blessing for us that the film footage was found in a closet. The film, consisting of four unfinished films, begins with an explanation from Orson Welles regarding his Brazilian experience. Welles focuses on Brazilian traditions of the average villager, exposing the poverty of Black Brazilians. The four films range in topic from children during carnival time in Rio to four fishermen sailing along the dangerous Brazilian coast–who are determined to get benefits for their families after their deaths.

Orson Welles is most popular for his CITIZEN KANE and THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS. By the time one is able to comprehend the subject matter and appreciate Welles’ genius, one has already been inundated with thousands of opinions concerning Welles. This newly discovered footage enables a person to form his own opinions. Though unfinished, this compilation embodies a kind of rough and rustic honesty without pretension. The audience can create its own conclusions to the pieces.