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10 obscenities

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The voice that provides the “who” in LOOK WHO’S TALKING TOO belongs this time to Roseanne Barr. In the sequel to LOOK WHO’S TALKING, the lives of Molly, James and Mikey begin a new chapter through the addition of a baby sister.

As in the original, where Bruce Willis narrated things from Mikey’s perspective, so also does Roseanne Barr make use of the voice over gimmick in this episode. As in the first, which contained a different kind of explicit sex scene (one presenting an inside view of the action), the story begins at conception, but this time from the perspective of the fertilized egg.

From Molly’s going into labor while at work to Mikey’s potty training, the film proceeds in the vein of an unentertaining, second-rate, made-for-TV movie, with minor developments and no major conflicts. Molly’s down-on-his-luck brother and her girlfriend who just got robbed move into Molly and James’s already small apartment.

It’s not ever made clear if Molly and James are married, but James does finally obtain a job as an airline pilot that pays more than the minimum wage he earned driving a cab in the first film. When he gets fed up with the overcrowded apartment and with Molly’s loyalty to her family and friends, he moves out. However, in the end, everything works out.

Too bad the sequel is nothing like the original, which had a certain novelty. Here there is no plot, cinematography, nor dialogue. The toilet-training scene in which the potty comes alive yelling and spitting may, in fact, terrify young children. Also, while there is no profanity, there are 10 instances of obscenity, which for a movie aimed at young persons, is totally unnecessary.

It is a shame that LOOK WHO’S TALKING TOO does not live up to its predecessor. Both movies have such an original premise. Director/writer Amy Heckerling says, “I used to look at my daughter in her baby seat and wonder what she was thinking about. I assumed she thought the same way I did. You know, sort of cynical thoughts, not cute, adorable thoughts.”

Perhaps the reason why the 1990 sequel is such a dud when compared to the 1989 original has to do with the rush to bring the sequel from conception to the screen: one year. So unless you are in the mood for a very light comedy with very few laughs, this one is not worth the money.

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