"Loose Ends and Horrid Images"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

Professor Sherman Klump and his family are back in THE KLUMPS, the very vulgar sequel to Eddie Murphy’s THE NUTTY PROFESSOR. This movie goes beyond what was previously thought to be crude and unthinkable. This movie centers around an invention Sherman (Murphy) discovers, called “youth juice,” which makes people younger, with serious side effects of course. Sherman’s evil alter ego, Buddy Love (also Eddie Murphy), is brought to life when the Professor attempts to extract Buddy’s menacing genes from his body. Buddy attempts to sabotage the Professor’s presentation of the “youth juice” to a pharmaceutical company and steal his invention. At the same time, Sherman is trying to further his relationship with the girl of his dreams, Denise Gaines (Janet Jackson).

THE KLUMPS includes numerous vulgar sexual references and crude jokes about passing gas and overeating. Sherman’s family are constantly fighting with each other. The only redeeming part of the whole movie is the fact that the beautiful and intelligent Denise loves Sherman for his brilliance and who he is on the inside. Sadly, the plot never fully comes to a close, and horrid images are burned into the viewer’s mind.


(RoRo, Ab, B, LLL, V, SSS, NN, A, MM) Romantic, anti-family worldview, with a struggle between good & evil & true love based on redeeming character qualities; 31 strong obscenities, 26 mild obscenities, 16 mild profanities, obscene gesture, & numerous crude jokes including man relieves himself in the middle of a bathroom, man eats regurgitated food, vomiting, & many jokes concerning bowels; some mild slapstick violence including man is kicked in a dream, man chokes on food, bird is killed, old man beats up another man, man hits son on back of head, dangerous oversized hampster pellets hit people, & woman hits man; strong sexual content including implied fornication, many references to sex & impotence, implied growth of male genitals shown, man’s body comes out of another man’s genitals, man implies sex with the ground, reference to sexual devices, two dogs shown mating, two hampters shown mating, hampster mates with man, old woman’s chest bouncing in sheer top, male stripper acquired, implied oral sex, & kiss between much older woman & young man; implied nudity of old woman, upper male nudity, naked baby shown from behind, woman in bra shown, & baby’s head in woman’s chest; a few instances of alcohol use; no smoking; and, stealing, threats of doing violence, insults, parents & children show disrespect to one another, & family constantly argues.

More Detail:

NUTTY PROFESSOR II: THE KLUMPS is portrayed much like the first NUTTY PROFESSOR movie with Eddie Murphy. Like the first one, the lovable and brilliant Professor Sherman Klump (Eddie Murphy) attempts to rid himself of his alter-ego, Buddy Love, also played by Eddie Murphy.

The movie begins with a dream sequence in which the oversized Professor is about to marry the girl of his dreams, Denise Gaines (Janet Jackson). While in the church, the beautiful Denise strolls down the isle toward the man she truly loves, of course with her cleavage nearly exiting her wedding dress. During the ceremony, Sherman’s genitals begin to enlarge, and Buddy Love proceeds to make an entrance out of Sherman’s body.

The revolting and shocking opening to THE KLUMPS sets the stage for the entire movie, which was full to the brim with sexual references, crude jokes about passing gas and overeating, and horrible language. As the movie continues, it is made known that Professor Sherman Klump has discovered the fountain of youth in a chemical mixture he calls “youth juice.” His girlfriend Denise, also a brilliant professor and gene-extraction specialist, supports Sherman as he must prepare to sell the “youth juice” to Pleer Pharmaceutical Co.

However, Sherman just cannot seem to shake the little part of Buddy Love he has in him. He is so frustrated with not being able to control this part of him that he attempts to extract the genes of Buddy Love. Well, naturally, Buddy somehow comes to life from microscopic gene fragments carelessly left in an open container, and he proceeds to wreak havoc on Sherman’s life.

The remainder of the movie depicts the struggle between Sherman and Buddy after Buddy steals the Professor’s invention and sabotages his presentation to the pharmaceutical company. Also thread throughout this poorly thought out movie is the story of Sherman and Denise. Denise is an intelligent, beautiful and loving woman, who finds Sherman’s brilliance irresistible. This aspect of the movie is just about the only one which gives it any hope of being morally redeeming. It was pleasing to see that Denise loved Sherman for who he was and not because of his size, but this subplot could not save this movie from reaching the lowest levels of today’s crude comedies.

Sadly, there were too many crude jokes and revolting elements in THE KLUMPS to count. The writers attempted to increase the vulgarity level in the sequel, which only makes for a really uncomfortable moviegoing experience. Making matters worse was the fact that family values are attacked because Sherman’s family is shown constantly arguing and threatening to hurt one another.

Finally, there was no mention of God, and only one scene in a church where false prayers are said for self-control. The end of the movie leaves loose ends and a very unsatisfying finish to the plot. It is disappointing to see that the first NUTTY PROFESSOR with Eddie Murphy was even acknowledged with a sequel.

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