Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In WOLF, Manhattan book editor Will Randall tries to control the transformation taking place in his body resulting from a wolf bite. The movie is filled with anti-biblical and pagan elements, including possession, human transformation into an animal, the use of an amulet, and a reference to evolution as factual.


(AB, NA, LLL, VVV, SS, A, M) Anti-biblical worldview with numerous pagan elements, including human transformation into an animal, the use of an amulet & a reference to evolution; 25 obscenities & 13 profanities; 4 deaths (3 shown), man attacked by wolf, two severed fingers shown, & man stalks, kills and eats a deer; implied adultery & graphic fondling; alcohol use; and, urination shown.

More Detail:

In WOLF, Jack Nicholson is a Manhattan book editor haunted by fears of losing his job. While driving along a remote country road, he hits a wolf with his car and stops to investigate. As the beast rises to escape into the night, it bites him on the wrist. From that moment on, his life begins to change. The transformation is subtle at first–his senses become more acute and his perceptions of those around him sharpen. Each day he is drawn deeper into the mystical, feral spirit of the wolf. He wants to control the wolf within him, not wanting to hurt anyone, but he has only until the next full moon, at which time the wolf will overtake his body completely.

WOLF is a movie filled with anti-biblical and pagan elements, including the basic premise of a man being possessed by and transformed into an animal. The movie also says that the only protection against such a transformation is to wear an amulet, a mystical charm. A werewolf expert in the film also says that man has only been out of the jungle for 2,500 years, thus promoting evolution. Among the film’s gory moments: Nicholson takes two severed human fingers out of his pants pocket; and, in another scene, he stalks, kills and feasts on a deer. WOLF is a well-made and visually stunning movie, but contains much that is objectionable and no redeeming moral elements whatsoever.

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