Christian DAYS OF OUR LIVES Star Turned Foster Parent Makes Big Announcement


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So thrilled to share all the details of our son Kayden’s adoption. Thank you PEOPLE for continuing to shine a light on #fostercare and #adoption. “During the hearing, when the judge said Kayden was declared to be our legal ‘child, and is further said to be a member of the Wayne family with all the rights and responsibilities attached thereto,’ I almost lost it,” Lilley recalls. “All I could manage was a little half giggle/half sob, saying, ‘Thank you.’ “ .- Thank you for all your support and messages, it’s been a beautiful week, especially in the face of little brother’s heated case. My work to bring awareness to the foster system in America will continue, and I’m grateful beyond belief to have you all walk this journey with me! #LoveMakesAFamily LINK TO FULL STORY IN BIO

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