(PaPaPa, Ab, PC, LLL, SSS, NN, A, DD, M) Very strong pagan worldview with some borderline jokes about Christian preachers and churchgoers and a comment about Jesus being black; at least 288 mostly strong obscenities, 9 strong profanities and explicit talk and expressions about sex and drugs; no violence; depicted pornographic and explicit talk about sex acts; upper and rear sexual nudity; alcohol use; smoking and talk about heroin use and using acid; and some miscellaneous immorality. GENRE: Documentary/Comedy Concert PaPaPa Ab PC LLL SSS NN A DD M


DYSFUNKTIONAL FAMILY is a comedy concert movie starring black comic Eddie Griffin. It's a raw, lewd, offensive movie featuring Eddie's profane comedy act, laced with scenes from his uncle's pornography collection.


DYSFUNKTIONAL FAMILY is a comedy concert movie starring black comic Eddie Griffin. It’s a raw, lewd movie featuring Eddie’s profane comedy act, spiced up with visits with Eddie’s mother, whose punishments for bad behavior are legendary, his Uncle Bucky, a heroin addict who spent more time in the Big House than in Eddie’s house, and his Uncle Curtis, who introduced Eddie to movies, including classic westerns and classic pornography. Interlaced among the profanity and explicit sex jokes is the story of a boy who, were it not for some adult inspiration in the most unlikely of places, might be pushing drugs today instead of jokes.
Eddie Griffin can be a funny guy, but decent-minded audiences will not be amused by his crude antics in this offensive concert movie. DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY not only contains a constant stream of obscenities, profanities and ethnic slurs, it even has footage from Eddie Griffin’s uncle’s porn collection and graphic sexual descriptions from Eddie while he’s performing on stage. Griffin is also an equal opportunity offender, which means his stage act includes some borderline jokes about Christian preachers and Christian churchgoers. Needless to say, this movie is pretty distasteful and abhorrent.
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