What You Need To Know:

THE REAL CANCUN is a documentary that follows fourteen young people as they party away their lives and their innocence at Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico. With deplorable sex, nudity, language, drinking and a hollow, hedonistic/pagan worldview, this movie has not a single redeeming element to attract moral audiences.


(PaPaPa, Ho, Ro, LLL, V, SSS, NNN, AAA, DD, MMM) Horribly pagan, hedonistic, worldview with young people intent upon finding pleasure at all costs, including some strong homosexual elements and many romantic, relativistic and hedonistic thought processes; an unbelievable 57 light to moderate obscenities, 79 strong obscenities, and five profanities; violence includes play-slapping, pushing and mimicking sadomasochistic sex acts with a belt; lesbian acts during dancing on concert stage, sex both veiled and open, including both heterosexual and homosexual acts - all outside marriage; nudity was rampant with upper female nudity and rear male nudity throughout; alcohol abuse; smoking portrayed throughout; and rebelliousness toward authority, underage drinking, lying, cheating, and dirty dancing.

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More Detail:

We try not to use personal stories in Movieguide® reviews, but my experience at THE REAL CANCUN truly lends itself to a slight bending of the policy.

As I requested a ticket for this movie, the gentleman at the ticket counter said, “Are you sure, ma’am?” After assuring him that my only interest was as a reviewer, I was ushered into the empty theatre. I was literally the only patron of this movie at a 7:30 showing! After being subjected to the horrible previews of Lion’s Gate’s CABIN FEVER, Universal’s 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS, and New Line Cinema’s DUMB AND DUMBERER, THE REAL CANCUN finally started.

For ninety long minutes, I got to see how today’s young adults round out their high school and early college educations. According to the filmmakers of this documentary, who filmed fourteen guys and gals before and during Spring break, they save up all their money, they work out at the gym for months, and they head to Cancun, Mexico for the week of their lives.

There, they learn to drink successive shots of vodka and rum, sip tequila from the naval of an obliging woman, and do a certain dance that cannot even be named in this publication but that makes the “dirty dancing” of the ’80’s look like the Polka. They participate in wet t-shirt contests, male buff-body contests, co-ed showering, gambling, experimentation with homosexuality, and casual sex with one or more strangers.

Sometimes they have deep, meaningful conversations about how they really have a lot of love to give and would just like to find the right person who would appreciate and return the affection. That’s about the extent of the meaningful dialogue in this documentary. Most of the young people are brutally honest and just admit that they have come down to Cancun to have wild, passionate sex with someone interesting.

A particularly sad element of the movie is the seduction and corruption of one boy who calls himself “the good guy.” He has committed to do no drinking on the trip, but by the end of the week, he is washing down shots of tequila and staying pretty drunk. In the midst of it all, he lamely asks, “Am I still the good guy?”

THE REAL CANCUN is a case study on the scripture, “They loved the darkness more than light because their deeds were dark.” All the dancing, drinking, nudity and sexual acts are done in darkness: at night. During the day, the youth are hung over, shielding their eyes from the lights and the cameras, moaning for the mariachi band to go away, moaning about their lives. At night, though, they wake up, dress up and hit the town for more revelry and debauchery.

How sad it is that these teenagers are missing the love and infilling of the One True God, who longs to show Himself personal and powerful in their hearts and lives! How we should pray for this generation – that they would put off the darkness and embrace the light, the truth, the person of Jesus Christ, who alone can fill all longings and all heart voids!

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