Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

Kathy Whiting is obsessed with fulfilling her sexual fantasies with her high-school sweetheart, Tom. Since she is married, she asks her best friend to do her a "FAVOR", have sex with Tom and tell her how it was. Even though there are a few redeeming elements in the movie, the story is abhorrent as it promotes fornication outside of marriage.


(R, LL, SS, A, Ho, AB) Romanticism; 12 obscenities & 2 profanities; off-screen fornication, adultery & sexual fantasies; alcohol use; introduction of lesbian couple; and, Lamaze teacher boasts her children have different fathers.

More Detail:

After receiving an invitation to her 15th high school reunion, Kathy Whiting’s obsession with her high-school steady, Tom, is rekindled. Wanting to remaining faithful to her husband and also fulfill her sexual fantasies with Tom, Kathy devises a scheme. She asks her best friend, Emily, to do her a FAVOR, have sex with Tom. Somewhat reluctant at first, Emily leaves behind her younger lover Elliott, an aspiring painter of 26, and enjoys a sexual escapade with Tom. The plot becomes more complicated when Emily finds out she is pregnant. Trying to help out a friend, Kathy takes it upon herself to inform the father, against Emily’s wishes. All this secrecy leads to chaos when Kathy, Peter, Emily, and Elliot all end up in Tom’s cabin in Denver.

The antics of Peter and the mess Kathy creates for herself is somewhat humorous, and there are several moderately redeeming aspects of the movie, including the fact that Kathy finds out life is more than living for feelings, though the movie is never clear regarding what life is all about. Even so, the basic hook of the movie (THE FAVOR is a request to Emily to fornicate outside of marriage) is abhorrent to anyone with a smidgen of morality or common sense. Also, the scene at the odd-couple’s Lamaze class promotes a variety of lifestyles, including lesbianism and having children outside of marriage.

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