AMERICAN IDOL’s Danny Gokey, Willie & Korie Robertson, and Bob Goff Minister to Prisoners


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We spent a beautiful day at San Quentin State Prison on Tuesday. There is not enough room here to tell you all that I learned, but here’s a start! ⠀ 1- As soon as we began, one of the men stood up with a spoken word titled, “Talked to me. Listen”. Every single person in the room, inmates, guards, visitors, could identity with his words. We then shared stories, talked…listened. I was reminded of this, we all want the same things, have the same hopes and fears, are all simply searching for someone to really hear us. I pray that I am a better human and a better listener forever because of this man in San Quentin and the truth he spoke.⠀ ⠀ 2- Many of the men we got to meet had been in more than one prison, and every single one of them said “this place is different.” It’s different because someone decided they were going to be different and that changed the world around them. It takes just one person deciding to treat others more kindly, to help rather than hurt, to make a difference in the world around them. Yes, there is darkness there (and everywhere) yes there are incredibly hard things happening, but there is also so much light. So many smiles, so many men encouraging one another, so much talk of changed lives, hope, Jesus. ⠀ We are all one, what I do really matters to those around me and what you do really matters to me. Tuesday in San Quentin was a beautiful reminder of that.

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