Awesome IRON MAN Suits Not in the Movies!

Tony is always in need of a new suit and is constantly inventing, but not all of his amazing suits have seen the big screen. Here are a few that would be great to see in the next Marvel movie.


According to Marvel Wikia, the Iron Man Model 15: Arctic Armor was designed to withstand freezing temperatures so Tony could visit his Arctic Bunker. It says, “The full capabilities of this armor were unknown. Presumably it was geared for subzero temperatures and other cold-weather conditions. It possessed a hexagonal-shape uni-beam and what appeared to be blaster ports on its gauntlets.”





Tony at one point in the comics created a stealth suit made, “Being powered by the R.T. node, this suit possesses lightbending technology for camouflage, holograms for disguise, and non-fatal and silent weaponry. It can use repulsors, but at roughly 10% the max output.[2] The suit also possesses tasers.[3]

The suit’s shielding is capable of resisting a force blast from the Spectral Mandarin Ring, a beam of energy so powerful it can destroy the bonds between atoms and molecules.[3] The suit’s holograms can also be used to create illusions.”




“Unlike previous models, this armor is completely non-metallic. It uses the latest ceramics, a Kevlar-like polymer weave and ‘bio-neural gel-pack’ circuits. Cloaking is achieved through an optical fiber network. However, its movie screen-like surface is fragile and was disrupted by household cleaning solutions.

The armor is improved with noise reduction and internal air tanks. The armor vents carbon dioxide- a danger when the plasma system is engaged.The battle computer’s adaptive combat guidance logic bases protocol based on data it has collected on a particular target.

The armor retains the limited repulsor charge and uni-beam of previous models. However, it can redirect power to these systems if needed. A plasma discharge system provides protection against anti-metal weapons.”



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