A Christian child is burned to death by ISIS, but her final words prove God ALWAYS wins

It’s so easy for us to forget the widespread persecution that Christians around the world suffer under. We live in a truly unique country here in the United States.

You might read about Martyrs in the Bible, but it’s still happening TODAY!

The Middle East is a hot spot for Christian persecution, especially now that ISIS controls much of the territory.

The story of one girl’s persecution will bring tears to your eyes, and show you the power of her faith.

According to the Catholic News Agency, the mother of the girl, a Christian, answered the door at the family’s home to find ISIS militants demanding payment of the jizya tax, a tax that non-Muslims must pay.

She asked them to give her time to find the money, but instead they torched the women’s home while her little girl was still in the shower.

As the little girl was dying in her mother’s arms, her last words were “forgive them” as she drew her last breath.

Isn’t it crazy how we have a tough time forgiving people for small things, but this small Christian girl gave forgiveness for the ultimate wrong.

What a reminder to all of us what it’s truly like to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

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