In our culture today, our superheroes are very important to us, whether we read about in them in a comic or see them on the big screen. As a result, we set them up high on a pedestal and forget that the superheroes themselves, and the actors that portray them, have struggles and problems also. After running into Robert Downey, Jr., photographer and designer Raffael Dickreuter came up with the idea to create photos showing Iron Man having to do everything as a normal person would do, as a result of not being able to fly anymore, and what that would look like. Even Downey, Jr. himself took notice of this project, and posted the photo below to his official Facebook page. This is only one of the many photos in this project, so if you want to see the rest of them and read more about the project and its background, visit the official site for the project: Iron Man Grounded



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