Iron Man Cameo

For a long time, Spiderman was the face of Marvel. He was the main focus of their movies, and everyone knew his story. However, something happened in 2008 that would change Marvel forever. As you probably already know, Marvel began their cinematic universe with a little (ok, not really, a HUGE) movie named Iron Man. Ever since this movie, a previously non-famous superhero became the most well-known superhero. The success of the movie impacted Marvel so much that when the Marvel universe reboots in October, Iron Man will now be the face of Marvel. In 2017, we will get to see a solo Spiderman movie for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A cast list was supposedly recently leaked online and confirms that Iron Man will have at the very least a cameo to welcome Spiderman. This movie will feature the old and the new faces of Marvel.


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