Iron Man Logos

As we all know, in 2008 Marvel came out with a movie that would redefine the superhero genre for years to come, starting the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). As of now, we are all accustomed to the iconic Iron Man logo:


But what if this was not the final product? Although we can all agree that this logo is totally awesome, it was not the only one created. In the process of making a movie, the logo undergoes many, many changes. For the final logo, the focus is typically how to portray the movie as accurately as possible in a logo. The blog Film Sketchr features an interview the writer of the post, Maurice Mitchell, did with the man behind the Iron Man logo, Fede Ponce. For more information, I would definitely recommend checking out the original post, interview, and all the unused logos at Unused Iron Man Logos Blog Post

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