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Movieguide® Awards Spotlight on Jennifer Lawrence

Photo courtesy of Movieguide® archives.

Movieguide® Awards Spotlight on Jennifer Lawrence

By Movieguide® Staff

Each year, Movieguide® hosts an annual gala to honor movies and industry leaders who prioritize faith and family in Hollywood. As we prepare for our 2020 Gala, we want to reflect on our past events and remember the people and movies that made them successful.

Today, we’re honoring Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence presented an award at the 2007 Movieguide® Awards. Lawrence was starring in THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW at the time, but later went to to appear in other nominated movies, including JOY.

Lawrence also starred in the most recent X-MEN franchise, as well as THE HUNGER GAMES movies. Lawrence recently married Cooke Maroney.

Movieguide’s® 28th Annual Awards and Gala will be on January 24, 2020.

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