Praise Report: Priscilla Shirer Announces Lung Surgery Was Successful


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Fall weather has finally breezed its way into Texas 🍁🍁….and I’m happy about it. I’ve had to dig into the back of my closet to find some clothing to break the chill & there are a few items that are in a steady rotation! They are from a designer I’ve recently discovered so…..welcome to my 9th “Faux-fashion blogger” post!! 👏🏽👏🏽 Let me start by saying, I’ve loved sharing my fav finds from well known places like OldNavy & Target but there are also some “investment” pieces that I want you to know about. Heretofore my dear sisteren….Behold the world of @elizsuzann! If you didn’t know…now you know!! 👊🏽 My sweet ministry friend, @Hosanna.wong (whose style I regularly & shamelessly copy) introduced me to this Nashville based, female owned business. Hosanna is the girl in the cute hat & her own Ivory-colored ES jacket in the 5th pic. 💜💜 From my very first purchase (The Clyde Work Jacket & pants in black) I was hooked on @elizsuzann. Their sustainable line of clothes are classic, handmade & have an all-around easy going, relaxed yet elegant appearance that makes me all sorts of happy! The jacket I’m wearing (standing next to my dad)is the Harper Jacket in Cotton Canvas. The color is clay. The terracotta colored one – a gift – is the Clyde Work Jacket in mid-weight linen. I love all my ES items ….well…because….THE POCKETS 😫😫😫😫 They are “deep & wide” just like the old classic church song 🎵🎵. (Can u see me doing the hand motions?😬) They’ll make you so happy! I intend to wear the heck out of them all season long 🧥🧥🧥My mom just ordered for herself too! Now, granted these aren’t the kind of items that you purchase impulsively but the few pieces I’ve collected slowly over the years have been worth it. (And also…CHRISTMAS IS COMING 😜) I’m an ES fan & I think you will be too! Hop on over, give them a follow and a little love! #ElizabethSuzann (Use the following hashtag to see my 8 other fun & frivolously fabulous fashion posts 😬 #pscomfystyle)

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