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Prayers Needed as Hobby Lobby President’s Granddaughter Awaits Chemo News


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2,470 days of waiting. That’s how long it took to get Zion. She was only alive for the last 575 days of that waiting, but our adoption journey began during President Obama’s first term, before the Avengers assembled. Delay and denial led to an extended period of waiting. Waiting to adopt the child we longed for. But she was worth the wait. Both because she is the sweetest and most loving little girl that melts our hearts. But also because of what God did in us through our season of waiting AND what God did through us allowing us to minister to others. 50 days. That’s how many days Zion was legally ours before cancer. We had 50 days of surprisingly fast bonding and joy-filled days together. Then we were sent into this cancer tail spin. The last week has been by far the longest of our lives. We are beyond the surgery to remove the tumor. It appears successful and they are optimistic the pathology will give us a good report, but we won’t know for sure until next week. So here we are: waiting again. Waiting to find out if the future holds us rejoicing in her healing or mourning her suffering. A few years back I wrote that if God never satisfied our desire for children, he would still be good. In fact, there’s something we wanted more than children: more of Jesus. That’s still true today. I’m hopeful that our future includes Zion, but I know whatever the outcome of all of this, God is sovereign and God is good. We trust in him in seasons of joy, in seasons of sorrow, and in seasons of waiting.

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Took this photo the night before surgery. I feel like it has never been more true of this child then now! “I prayed for this child.” Years ago I started praying for the child we would adopt someday. It is a joy to continue praying for her now that she is our daughter. This sweet little angel baby is such a fighter! She is from a province in China known for spicy food, and our Chinese guide told us the women from her province are often “spicy” as well. 😂 I don’t know how much spice she has – but she sure has strength and courage! (Okay, and maybe a bit of spicy to her personality 🥰) I am just head over heels in love with this little strong personality angel baby of ours. 🖤🖤

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