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Reality Star Savannah Chrisley Pens Heartfelt Thank You to the Lord


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November 8th, 2015… made the best decision of my life exactly 4 years ago as of today… “Thank you for always guiding me in the right direction and for knowing what is best for me more than I do. Thank you for the many times you have forgiven me whenever I deviated from your path. Thank you for always reminding me that sometimes you are the only one I can trust, you are the only I can talk to and you are the only one who is truly listening. Thank you for all these blessings that I take for granted on a daily basis. Thank you for not hating me when I was ungrateful or rude or when my faith was shaken. Thank you for the times you have inspired me to seek knowledge and know more about the world and about myself. Thank you for giving me the spirituality I need to contemplate the wonders of the world and the wonders of your creation and the magic of your words and your daily miracles. Thank you for the thousands of chances you have given me. Thank you for all the lessons, especially the hard ones. Thank you for the love you have shown me through family and friends. Thank you for the hardships — indeed, every hardship was followed by ease. Thank you for always being in my heart and embracing me in my lonely nights. Thank you for sending me all these warning signs through your messengers who were disguised as people or books or just gut feelings. Thank you for giving me the strength I needed to endure pain and be comfortable with my loneliness. Thank you for giving me a reason to wake up every day. Thank you for sending me people to love. Thank you for inspiring me to keep trying to be a better person. Thank you for giving me that faith I need when there seems to be no hope. Thank you for being patient with me when I can’t even be patient with myself. Thank you for showing me that this life is fleeting and unpredictable and that I shouldn’t take it for granted. Thank you for showing me that you are the truth. Thank u for health, for shelter, and for food. Thank u for healing me when I was broken. Thank u for being there when no one else was. I wish I can carry out the message u have for me on this earth right-carry it with love and carry it with peace.” ❤️

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