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Sadie Robertson Declares Her Confidence Is in The Lord


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listening to spontaneous worship this morning and over and over again @steffanydawn was declaring, “HE DOESN’T FALL OFF OF HIS THRONE” As i began to declare that by myself this morning, it gave me such great confidence and assurance that the God whom I find my identity in will never fall off of His throne. I think a lot of times we try to find our confidence and our identity in things that are on whatever throne we built for them that are destined to fall. We build thrones for pop-culture, social media, the idolization of others, or even the idolization of ourself. When the throne we built for these things fall – our confidence, identity and assurance falls with it. We live in an ever changing world. The news has a hundred different headlines a day, social media will have hundreds of new things trending, and people will be in a hundred different moods. The Bible however says that God is HOLY HOLY HOLY – who was and is and is to come. He will not fall off of His throne. If you are in search of confidence and identity don’t reach for our phone or a make shift throne – reach out to God and bow at the throne.

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