SDCC 15 Update

Hi everybody! So, we finally have some new information from Comic-Con 2015 that we would like to let you know about and show you. As you probably know, there is a Marvel TV show on ABC called Agent Carter. While Tony Stark/Iron Man is not on the show, his father, Howard Stark, is one of the main supporting characters. At the Comic-Con panel this year, we learned that Peggy Carter will be investigating an unsolved murder case in LA. Peggy will be staying at Howard Stark’s estate in LA with Jarvis taking care of it, and Howard is going to start a movie studio! Not only is he a rich playboy and inventor, he now also owns a movie studio! Turn on the TV midseason 2016 to catch Season 2 of Agent Carter, this time with 10 episodes instead of only 8. For more information, watch the Agent Carter SDCC 15 Panel below: